We are a voluntary organisation who delivers awareness to youth establishments across Tees Side.As you will read on our awareness team pages we are professionally trained people and also victims of crime. Our aims are to deliver our issues of awareness in a constructive manner to highlight the dangers in our society to our youths. The issues we deliver are also on our awareness pages we cover most issues that can have some affect on our youths in some way. To date we have reached approx 9000 youths and work consistantly on a daily basis.We work with any organisation who requests our awareness and are in full control of the programmes we deliver, we work with and are linked to our regional Crime Stoppers. We do regular awareness at attendence centres in Middlesbrough and Durham, schools, E2E, universitys, youth clubs, collages challenging and mainstream youths. We have had requests from other youth establishments in other regions.We are an independant team with a strong commitee we meet monthly to determine our programme.

We are linked and work with the regional Crime Stoppers and do regular awareness campaigns 2 of the team are on the crime Stoppers board. We also organise events to raise money for Charity Ron Gordon (chair of its your life) is also the chair of the free from pain charity.These events and forth coming events can be seen on our events page.

The "Last Flower" a song written for victims of crime composed by Alan Pettifer. Take a look at the "Last Flower page and watch the DVD.

We are Linked with the Canadian "International walk for Justice"

Fearless is the youth section of Crimestoppers they were launched in Cleveland in 2010 their ages are 11/17 who relate to youths in all aspects of crime. They make youths aware that there is support through the Fearless website. They can also report a crime or if someone is hurting them or their friends without disclosing their ID. Youths are sometimes reclutant to contact the police incase of repercussions so Fearless offer an alternitive number for them to contact:

Fearless is a site where you can access non-judgemental information and advice about crime and criminality.

What makes this site different is we also provide you with a safe place to give information to us about crime - 100% anonymously.

Anonymous means you don’t have to give your name, where you live or any personal details. 

  • Calls aren't recorded or traced.
  • We can't track where online forms are from. 
  • You won't have to give a statement.
  • You don't have to go to court. 

Just tell us what you know, not who you are.


Click below to go to the Fearless website.


Clevelands Fearless youths are doing presentations in youth venues, they have been out and about in the community meeting people and spreading the awareness. They are working on an up and coming campaign. They have done sponsored runs/walks and are planning an awareness event. 

                                  The Cleveland Crimestoppers "Fearless youths.

                                   3 of our team giving Information out to the public.

                                                   Handing our leaflets out.

                                                Out and about meeting the public.

                                      Meeting Clevelands Police and Crime Commissioner.

Cleveland CS fearless youths featured in CS national seasonal update media. ​



Charity No: 1108687

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