We are a voluntary organisation who delivers awareness to youth establishments across Tees Side.As you will read on our awareness team pages we are professionally trained people and also victims of crime. Our aims are to deliver our issues of awareness in a constructive manner to highlight the dangers in our society to our youths. The issues we deliver are also on our awareness pages we cover most issues that can have some affect on our youths in some way. To date we have reached approx 9000 youths and work consistantly on a daily basis.We work with any organisation who requests our awareness and are in full control of the programmes we deliver, we work with and are linked to our regional Crime Stoppers. We do regular awareness at attendence centres in Middlesbrough and Durham, schools, E2E, universitys, youth clubs, collages challenging and mainstream youths. We have had requests from other youth establishments in other regions.We are an independant team with a strong commitee we meet monthly to determine our programme.

We are linked and work with the regional Crime Stoppers and do regular awareness campaigns 2 of the team are on the crime Stoppers board. We also organise events to raise money for Charity Ron Gordon (chair of its your life) is also the chair of the free from pain charity.These events and forth coming events can be seen on our events page.

The "Last Flower" a song written for victims of crime composed by Alan Pettifer. Take a look at the "Last Flower page and watch the DVD.

We are Linked with the Canadian "International walk for Justice"


Barbara Dunne Founded the Mothers Against Knives Campaign in 2003 and Its Your Life Awareness team in 2009. Barbara educates in the dangers in society to youths/adults, she also co-ordinates the team and organises resources.

Barbara is a university trained "Person Centred Counsellor" and a nurse in mental health until 2003 when she retired. She is C.R.T trained by DFM self protection Martial arts CRT course, plus control and restraint government course.  she is also a member of the board for Cleveland Crimestoppers.





Ron Gordon M.B.E The Chair of the Its your Life Team.

Chairman of Marton Football Club
Chairman of Free From Pain at James Cook Hospital
Full time position at Eston Centre School is Key Skills Placement Coordinator
Avid fundraiser 

Claire Conroy Public relations.
Twoc awareness.
Claire teaches primary age children and has many years of teaching this age group. She also engages with youths in our youth awareness.

Kay Boyle public relations. Violence/Agression/knife crime awareness.

Kay also has many years of experience with primary age and also engages with youth/adult awareness.

Jamie Harrison Crime action.

Jamie is a skills worker at Eston centre Eotas, Y-cap/reparation youth crime action plan, South Tees youth offending service and a coach at Marton football club.









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