We are a voluntary organisation who delivers awareness to youth establishments across Tees Side.As you will read on our awareness team pages we are professionally trained people and also victims of crime. Our aims are to deliver our issues of awareness in a constructive manner to highlight the dangers in our society to our youths. The issues we deliver are also on our awareness pages we cover most issues that can have some affect on our youths in some way. To date we have reached approx 9000 youths and work consistantly on a daily basis.We work with any organisation who requests our awareness and are in full control of the programmes we deliver, we work with and are linked to our regional Crime Stoppers. We do regular awareness at attendence centres in Middlesbrough and Durham, schools, E2E, universitys, youth clubs, collages challenging and mainstream youths. We have had requests from other youth establishments in other regions.We are an independant team with a strong commitee we meet monthly to determine our programme.

We are linked and work with the regional Crime Stoppers and do regular awareness campaigns 2 of the team are on the crime Stoppers board. We also organise events to raise money for Charity Ron Gordon (chair of its your life) is also the chair of the free from pain charity.These events and forth coming events can be seen on our events page.

The "Last Flower" a song written for victims of crime composed by Alan Pettifer. Take a look at the "Last Flower page and watch the DVD.

We are Linked with the Canadian "International walk for Justice"

The brutal murder of Robert Dunne in January 2003 changed his families life forever. Robert was stabbed in the back with a replica Samuria sword his internal injuries were horrific the sword cut through his main organs including his lungs Robert bled torrentialy from his mouth. His heart broken mother (Barbara Dunne) went on to fight the biggest battle of her life the fight against knives until she got a ban on replica weapons. She got a local ban in 2003 in retail outlets then went on to get a national ban in 2007 the news went international. During the last 12 years Barbara has been to Parliament & the home office on many occasion. Her last visit was in August last year to see the Crime & Justice minister, her issues were the parole boards equality for victims and awareness for youths in all aspects of crime/dangers in society.

In 2006 Barbara hosted the first walk for justice in the UK the founder a Canadian lady visited the Uk in 2007 to meet with the victims who supported the walk. The walk took place in September of each year close to the day the founder did hers in Canada.

Sword Ban.
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In 2008 Barbara worked with youths on anti- knife crime DVD the DVD had a huge impact national, the youths were invited to Parliament and the home office to meet ministers. In 2009  they won the Crimebeat competion for the DVD.

Barbara Dunne backs young knife crime campaigners

Jun 5 2008 by Simon Walton, Evening Gazette

THE mum of a Teesside murder victim was a special guest at the launch of a new national anti-knife campaign.

Middlesbrough Councillor Barbara Dunne, who set up Mothers Against Knives after her son Robert, 31, was stabbed to death, was a special guest at the launch of a campaign called “It Doesn’t Have to Happen”.

A group of 18 young people are behind the scheme, which involved them getting together to work out ways to combat the use of knives on the country’s streets.

Cllr Dunne, whose son died in 2003 after being stabbed with a samurai sword in West Lane, Middlesbrough, was among the guests at the launch.

She met Home Office Under Secretary of State Vernon Coaker and some of the young people making a stand against knives.

Cllr Dunne said one of the messages behind the campaign was that if you carry a knife for your own protection you are far more likely to become a victim of knife crime and have the weapon used against you. The campaign includes shocking video footage of a knife attack and pictures of some of the horrific injuries which can be inflicted by bladed weapons.

Cllr Dunne said: “I was overwhelmed by the youths. They are saying they have had enough of knife crime.

“I’ve been fighting knife crime since January 2003. Now we’ve got youths standing up and saying ‘we want knives off the streets of Britain too’.”





After seeing the It Dosent have to happen knife campaign it inspired Barbara to get local youths involved in making a DVD. They were local youths from a local youth club, the DVD had requests from across the country the first knife crime DVD. The youths were invited to Parliament and the home office, they also won the crime beat competion held by the police in 2009.

                  The home office ministers viewed the youths DVD and rolled it out in schools.

                                              Winning the Crimebeat for their DVD.

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