We are a voluntary organisation who delivers awareness to youth establishments across Tees Side.As you will read on our awareness team pages we are professionally trained people and also victims of crime. Our aims are to deliver our issues of awareness in a constructive manner to highlight the dangers in our society to our youths. The issues we deliver are also on our awareness pages we cover most issues that can have some affect on our youths in some way. To date we have reached approx 9000 youths and work consistantly on a daily basis.We work with any organisation who requests our awareness and are in full control of the programmes we deliver, we work with and are linked to our regional Crime Stoppers. We do regular awareness at attendence centres in Middlesbrough and Durham, schools, E2E, universitys, youth clubs, collages challenging and mainstream youths. We have had requests from other youth establishments in other regions.We are an independant team with a strong commitee we meet monthly to determine our programme.

We are linked and work with the regional Crime Stoppers and do regular awareness campaigns 2 of the team are on the crime Stoppers board. We also organise events to raise money for Charity Ron Gordon (chair of its your life) is also the chair of the free from pain charity.These events and forth coming events can be seen on our events page.

The "Last Flower" a song written for victims of crime composed by Alan Pettifer. Take a look at the "Last Flower page and watch the DVD.

We are Linked with the Canadian "International walk for Justice"



                                                  COMPOSED BY ALAN PETTIFER.




Every song has a story behind it "What is the story behind the Last Flower? Why was the song composed? On this page you can read the story
behind the song, about the composer and the DVD.
As the founder of Mothers against knives and the "Its your Life" awareness team I approached Alan Pettifer and asked him if he would consider
composing a song for the victims of crime.
I had heard his song "FOREVER YOUNG" a song for WOOTON BASSETT which for the past year has been raising money for the charity AFGAN HEROES.
Alan agreed to compose a song for victims, the song relates to the loss of a life through crime, however it is composed to relate to any loss
of life.
                         WHY I asked Alan.
When you lose a life through crime no one knows what a victim suffers the feelings and the pain. Its very hard for people who have not suffered this kind of loss to understand, the words of Alans song portray in a sense some of these feelings which relate to anyone who has lost a loved one through crime. As a mother of a victim the song has a very special meaning to me. Also to be part of a song composed for victims everywhere who have suffered a loss, a song that will hit the hearts of people everywhere and anyone who has experienced losing a loved one. For myself it will always have a deeper meaning which I hold in my heart, eternal thanks to Alan for composing an emotional and beautiful song.

The song written from the view point of the victims loved ones is sung by AL SASK (aka Alan Pettifer) and features the amazing vocals of Julesbury Hill and was recorded in the studios of Wiltshire Media Consultants Ltd, nr Devizes, Wiltshire.

The CD is available by post full details from : Via this websites contact form.
CD's will cost £3.0.0 the proceeds will be going to the UK charity Crimestoppers who do a great job in fighting crime.
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