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                        Asheigh Love.

What you are about to read is a parents horrific nightmare, Ashleigh lived in Milwakee, USA with her family. In October 2009 at 2am in the morning Ashleigh was shot in the face with a shot gun while she lay sleeping by a person who broke into the families house. The killer has never been caught, anyone who visits this page and lives in Milwakee if you have any information or can remember something about that night please call: Milwakee police department at 414-935-7360.

Teen Shot, Killed in Bed

By Melanie Stout

MILWAUKEE - A 19-year-old woman is dead after a being shot in the face with a shotgun. Ashleigh Love was shot while sleeping in her home near 64th and Stark.

Police say a man wearing a bandana over his face broke into her home and shot her. The family was sleeping soundly when the suspect broke into their home early Tuesday morning. Police say the killer carried a shotgun, and wore a bandana over his face. He killed his 19-year-old victim as she lay in bed. A shotgun blast to the face ended her life in an instant. Neighbors said Love slept in her bedroom on the second floor. Love's mother told police she saw the masked man run from their home and through the backyard. Police say the killing was not random. But investigators won't say if they know who they are looking for or if they have a motive in mind. As they search for the killer, neighbors are living in fear. "I'm terrified. I'm totally terrified," neighbor Joyce Peet said. The neighborhood is usually very quiet and Peet said the Love family and victim are good people."I was very sad, very sad, because they are going to college and everything trying to make something of themselves you know it's just shocking," Peet said. Ashleigh Love has no criminal record and neighbors say she was a quiet hard working sweet young woman. They can't understand how this happened.

            Neighbors Ask Killer

                    to Surrender.         

By Michael George

MILWAUKEE - The murder of 19-year-old Ashleigh Love in her
own home has shaken the community near 64th and Stark. Neighbors are now making a direct plea to her killer.
Neighbors joined hands in prayer near Ashleigh Love's home.
The 19-year-old was shot in the face early Tuesday morning. No one seems to know why anyone would kill her.
"The only thing I can say about Ashleigh is she was a very quiet young lady, very friendly, and I'm shocked that something like that happened to her," said neighbor Joyce Peet. Love's mother told police a man with shotgun and a bandana over his face fled their home. Police searched, but couldn't find the suspect. The community came together on Wednesday to send a message to the killer."Turn yourself in and do the right thing. Not only have you impacted a family, but you've also impacted a community," said Alderman Joe Davis. Neighbors are now pulling together for the Love family,
trying to make sense of a senseless murder.
"Our prayers do go out to the family, and I am praying that God gives them the strength to get through this," said neighbor Angela Robinson."What he did to that 19-year-old girl should not happen to nobody's child," Ald. Davis said.Milwaukee police say they don't believe the crime was a random act. No one is in custody.According to Ashleigh Love's Facebook page, she graduated from Pius High School this year.

Grieving family members and friends gathered
Thursday to remember a girl killed in Milwaukee two years ago.

Ashleigh Love's family said there is still no closure, only hurt and frustration. Her family members said those two years have been agonizing. On Oct 6, 2009, Love was shot and killed in her Milwaukee home near 64th and Stark streets. Police said they are still looking for her killer. Her family and friends sang songs and said prayers to honor Love at her grave Thursday night."I just don't want to give up on trying to find out who did this to her, because they need to be held accountable for what they did," Ashleigh's mother, Tammy Love, said.

What the killers did, Tammy Love said, was shatter the family's sense of security."It's awful. The fear is there, because we don't know (who killed Ashleigh.) It could be someone walking next to us on the street, for all we know," Tammy Love said.There is a $5,000 reward for information on Ashleigh Love's death that helps solve the case. But
her family said they know nothing will ever bring her back."It's not about that. It's never going to be closed because she's never going to be back here. But they need to face what they did and be put behind bars. I need to do that for her," Tammy Love said.

The family members said they prayed someone would shed new light on the case."I just know that someone out there knows something. I think they're afraid to come forward with information. Please, if you know anything, even something that you think doesn't
matter, just come forward and tell the police. It could help catch these people before they do it to someone else." Tammy Love said.

Milwaukee police said they welcome any new leads in the case.

Anyone with information is asked to call 414-935-7360.

There is a $5,000 reward for information on Ashleigh Love's death that helps solve the case. But her family said they know nothing will ever bring her back.




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